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Our Apples

Everything we grow is natural and changes seasonally 

What is Natural?

Instead of using pesticides, we use the natural predators to eliminate out bugs. We have chosen to use the native dragonflies and tree frogs. In the spring we gather the dragon fly larva and tree frog eggs from the neighboring beaver ponds. These are put into a pond in the middle of the orchard. These hatch out and create an overwhelming number of predators. In an insect tries to get away from the tree frogs by flying out of the tree, the dragonflies get it.

Our trees have never been sprayed with chemicals unlike organic fruit. Organically produced orchards set a grid of traps and when the number of insects gets to a certain point they spray entire orchard with all the standard chemical. This is called the low spray method and allows them to say they are organic. Our take is chemicals are chemicals and are unacceptable.

Favorite Apple?

A lot of visitors ask me what my favorite apple is and I always answer them, "I never met an apple I didn't like." Each person has their own ideal of the perfect apple, their own tastes, and preferences for sweetness, acidity, tartness, and texture. There are an infinite amount of possibilities in an apple which is why I've tried to plant as many different varieties as possible at Owl's Head. We have Mac, Liberty, Gala, Royal Gala, Wolf River, Macon, Shamrock, Sweet Sixteen, Mutsu, Freedom, Yellow Transparent, Duchess Cross, Rosie Red, Empire, Honey Crisp, Hazen, Contender Peach, Johnathan, Priscilla, Dalton, Nova Easy Grow, Northern Spy, and about 20 or so unique varieties taken from UVM research farm. We invite you to walk the orchard, explore, and find out for yourself which apple is the perfect apple for you.

Designed for Children and Diabetics

Our applesauce is designed for children and diabetics. Our sauce is sugar free, color free, spice free and preservative free. We only use fresh apples right off the tree that are immediately processed giving it an unusually fresh apple taste. Try some and you will see why this is the very best applesauce available on the market today.

Enjoy and thanks from all of us at Owl's Head Orchard!

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